Carlos Cachon
Carlos Cachon

RE Trends: What’s Driving Fla. Buyer Demand?

It’s a dream we all have – to sell and move up to a larger or pool home. But if you’re like most sellers, you may fear selling your home first and being able to find your dream home.

Our new Home Swap Program makes it possible for you to buy the home you want before selling your current home!

Our Program empowers you to buy your new home prior to selling your old house on the market for maximum value. Here’s how it works:

  1. Our lender will get you fully underwritten for a new home loan including a down payment advance so you can start making offers fast.
  1. Put down a winning offer on your dream home with no sales contingency, and move in right away. You’ll pay the mortgage on your new home, immediately building equity, and our lender will pre-reimburse you for your old mortgage payments with an Equity Advance for up to 6 months.
  1. The lender will also advance up to $25,000 to get your old house ready for listing on the open market so it sells fast and for top dollar. When your house sells, you simply payback for the loan provided. It’s that simple!

To learn more about our Home Swap Program, Call 239-399-5432 for details or Click Here now!

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