Carlos Cachon
Carlos Cachon

Why Do We Donate to St. Jude?

Donate to St. Jude

As you may already be aware, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Cachon Team is expanding and setting new goals for the year. Our worthy cause, the Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida, is extremely important to us, and being able to give back to the community is one of the most rewarding aspects of the work we do. In order to continue to give back, and change more lives than ever we’ve decided to participate in Coldwell Banker’s “CB Supports St. Jude” program.

 On top of our current goal of raising $10,000 for the Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida, we will donate a portion of our income at closing to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

 In order to continue to develop technologies and treatments that save lives daily, St. Jude relies on sponsorships and donations—that’s why your referrals are so important!

 So if you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell real estate, send them our way! They receive the top-tier service that we’re known for, AND a worthy cause will benefit as well!


 Below is a story I found on St. Jude’s website that is a reminder of why we do what we do.

Gracie, Age 1. Blood Cancer.

Gracie’s smile lights up a room. When her dad’s service dog, Karson, comes into her view, she squeals in delight. She’s a happy little girl, clearly the apple of her parent’s eyes. She’s also a very sick little girl. Just one day after her birth, Gracie was diagnosed with infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia. “I was devastated,” said Gracie’s mom, Ashley. “I lost it,” said Gracie’s dad, Brett. “I was so far away, I couldn’t be there with them.” Brett is a corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Last September, when Ashley, who was home in the States with family, went into labor, Brett was deployed in Iraq. Nearly 7,000 miles separated them. Ashley’s pregnancy had been smooth sailing and Gracie’s birth had gone well. For a fleeting moment, Ashley held her newborn daughter to her chest before nurses whisked the baby away. Little Gracie had a fever, and her breathing was off. “I barely got to hold her,” Ashley said. “They thought it was leukemia. The next morning they knew for sure.” At St. Jude, Gracie started chemotherapy immediately. She is a part of the TINI protocol. Because the majority of St. Jude funding comes from everyday people, St. Jude has the freedom to focus on what matters most —saving kids regardless of their financial situation. It was hard for Brett and Ashley to see their baby hooked up to machines, but Gracie’s care team has helped them every step of the way. “Gracie’s doctor loves her so much,” Ashley said. “Seeing how much she cares for Gracie, seeing her play with Gracie, it means a lot to us.”Brett is thankful for Gracie’s nurses. “Some of her nurses have known her longer than I have,” he said. “They’re with Gracie every day. They’ve watched her grow.” Within two months, Gracie’s cancer was in remission, where it remains today. Gracie’s treatment also includes music, occupational and physical therapies, to help ensure she’s reaching her milestones.

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