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Living in Naples, FL

Considering living in Naples, FL? If you want help from real estate professionals, our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed – The Cachon Team is here to help. We stay committed to assisting home buyers like you find the dream home they have always wanted.

In Naples, the population is among the wealthiest in the country, and much of the city’s economy is based in tourism, real estate development, and agriculture. 

Fast Facts About Naples, FL 

Whenever you are going to be moving to and living in a new city, it is always a good idea to learn the most basic information about the location. If you are thinking about living in Naples, FL, we have compiled a list of fast facts about the city for you to become better acquainted with your new home.

Population (2020): 19,115

Distance from: 

  • Cape Coral, FL: 1hr 9 minutes (34.8 miles)
  • Marco Island, FL: 31 minutes (17.7 miles)
  • Bonita Springs, FL: 31 minutes (14.1 miles)

Nearest airport:

Median income (2020): 

  • Individual: $71,553 
  • Household: $102,262

County: Collier

Type of location: Small city

Why is Naples a Nice Place to Live?

Most cities located throughout Florida are highly desirable. A common reason given is because of the pleasant climate since most of Florida has very mild winters and is primarily warm throughout most of the year. Naples, FL, is no different. The residents living in Naples experience a tropical savanna climate which is frost-free and only has 2 basic seasons each year, spring and high summer.

Another reason that living in Naples is so desirable is due to economic factors. In 2009, U.S. News & World Report ranked Naples as 10th in a list of the “10 Pricey Cities That Pay Off,” which measured the amenity value of the city for its residents. Additionally, Kiplinger ranked Naples as the sixth-highest per capita income in the country in 2012, and it has the second-highest proportion of millionaires per capita in the country.

In Naples, your property will stay well-maintained and beautiful. You can enjoy fun in the sun all year round, especially with the exceedingly high number of golf courses located throughout the city.

What is Naples Known For?

Once the city of Naples was established in 1886 by John Stuart Williams and his partner Walter N. Haldeman, the name “Naples” developed after promoters of local magazines and newspapers began to run stories elaborating on the area’s great climate and abundant fish. The name eventually likened it to the Italian peninsula, and the name stuck when it was said to be “surpassing the bay in Naples, Italy.”

What Naples, FL, is really known for is golf, its high-priced homes, and white-sand beaches. It is certainly a millionaire’s paradise. There are so many golf courses in Naples that the city called itself the “Golf Capital of the World.” In fact, it has the second most holes per capita out of all communities and more golf holes than any other city in Florida!

If you are not interested in golf but are still considering living in Naples, there are many other local attractions to enjoy. These include:

  • Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary
  • Everglades National Park
  • Big Cypress National Preserve
  • Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge
  • Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge
  • Picayune Strand State Forest 
  • Naples Zoo

In addition to these organized attractions, you can also explore downtown Naples for shopping, attending cultural events, and dining.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Naples?

If you are looking for a great place to grab a fantastic meal, there is no shortage of restaurants in Naples. Some of the most highly rated restaurants include:

  • Sails Restaurant: European food and raw bar in a stylish locale
  • Riverwalk at Tin City: beautiful waterfront dining for excellent seafood
  • Mediterrano: authentic Mediterranean food at a blue-hued location
  • Capiello: haute Italian cuisine in a swanky eatery
  • Bleu Provence: authentic French cuisine in an elegant setting

We are sure that you and your family will find something for everyone’s tastes in Naples, FL. If you are considering living in Naples, FL, you can check out the median home price and inventory or call us at 239-399-5432 to get immediate help from the experienced realtors at Your Home Sold Guaranteed – The Cachon Team.


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