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The Best Realtors in Naples, Florida: The Cachon Team

If You Want The Best Realtors in Naples, Florida, Work With Our Team

If you’ve been searching Google for the “best realtors in Naples, Florida,” you’ve likely come across thousands of results. How are you supposed to sort through all those listings and read all those reviews to find the perfect realtor for your needs? 

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make, which is why choosing the right realtor is essential. 

You’ll want to make sure you choose an agent with enough experience, a great track record, positive reviews, a strong familiarity and commitment to the local area.

If you want the best realtors in Naples, Florida, look no further than The Cachon Team. In this post, we’ll explain what makes our real estate team so special. 

What We’ll Cover

  • 5 Qualities To Look For in The Perfect Realtor
  • Why The Cachon Team Is One Of The Best Realtors in Naples, Florida
  • Our Seller Guarantees
  • Our Buyer Guarantees
  • Our Buyer and Seller Resources

5 Qualities To Look For in The Perfect Realtor

According to the National Association of Realtors, there are over three million people with active real estate licenses in the U.S. So, what’s the best way to search through all these realtors to find the best one for your situation?

Every home buyer and seller should interview at least three to five realtors before deciding which one to work with. If you don’t know where to start, our team has a list of ten questions you should ask realtors during an interview.

But overall, there are five qualities you should look for to determine which agents are worth your time.

1. Effective Marketing Strategies

If you’re selling a home in Naples, Florida, marketing will be key if you want to stand out from the competition. A realtor’s strategies can make or break your sale and be the difference between earning top dollar or settling for a lower offer.

So when you’re interviewing a realtor, asking about their marketing strategies and track record should be some of your first questions.

Ask them about:

  • What type of technology they use
  • Who writes their marketing materials
  • Whether they have a database of qualified buyers and sellers
  • If they market your home online, in print, or a mix of both

The best realtors are the ones who incorporate the latest technology in their marketing strategy alongside the tried and true methods.

They’ll also have the results to show their strategies actually work. Be sure to ask about metrics like: 

  • Selling speed
  • Average selling price
  • Number of days their listings spent on the market
  • Difference between the asking price and sales price
  • How many listings they handle on average

2. Positive Reviews

It goes without saying that most people want to work with a realtor that has many positive reviews from past clients. When you’re searching for the best realtors in Naples, Florida, online reviews are probably one of the first things you’ll look at.

Look for four or five-star reviews and see if they appear on multiple platforms. You shouldn’t just look for reviews on the realtor’s own website or social media– look at third-party sites as well.

In addition, if there are any negative reviews you should pay attention to the realtor’s response. Did they accept any criticism graciously? Did they offer to make things up to the reviewer somehow?

Top agents will have hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers. But this doesn’t mean you should immediately discount new agents just because they have fewer reviews. 

When you’re evaluating newer agents, check to see whether they have any character reviews from their friends, peers, and coworkers. This can give you some insight into what kind of realtor they are.

3. Lives In or Near The Area They Serve

Many popular real estate agencies that you come across online are national companies with thousands of realtors spread across the country.

These agencies don’t have the same knowledge and experience of Naples, Florida, and the surrounding communities compared to local realtors who actually live in the area.

That’s why one of the best ways to evaluate an effective realtor is to see if they live in the community they serve. Realtors who live where they work better understand the housing market and its historical patterns. 

As a result, they can give you better advice on how to price your home to get it to sell fast and for top dollar. And for home buyers, they’re better equipped to know what properties are priced fairly and negotiate a fair deal for their clients.

Realtors who know their area like the back of their hand are also in the best position to help home buyers who are new to the area. They can answer questions about everything from the best local schools, taxes, weather, restaurants, and more.

4. Donations To Charities 

A great realtor actively supports charitable causes, whether locally, nationally, or abroad.

Realtors who donate a portion of their income towards charity demonstrate that they care about their community and are seeking to improve it. 

These realtors care deeply about people in their community. They show that they care more about helping others than making a profit.

5. Involvement or Recognition From Community Organizations

Lastly, you should look for a realtor that has received some sort of recognition from or is involved in community organizations.

These organizations include: 

  • Local city council
  • Local board of directors
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Business networking groups
  • Local realtor associations

Realtors who participate in these organizations demonstrate their authority and expertise in real estate

They’re positioning themselves as go-to resources for the real estate needs of their community. It also shows that they actively seek to form community connections.

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Cachon Team

Why The Cachon Team Is One Of The Best Realtors in Naples, Florida

How We Got Started

These five qualities bring us to why Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – The Cachon Team is one of the best realtors in Naples, Florida, and the surrounding communities.

The Cachon Team is made up of husband and wife duo Carlos and Lisa Cachon. 

Carlos Cachon has been in the real estate industry for decades and quickly established himself as one of the best realtors in Naples, Florida.

He’s worked full-time in the real estate industry since 2004 and has consistently ranked in the top-producing realtors in Southwest Florida since 2005. 

Even during the down market that lasted from 2008 to 2012, Carlos was still one of the top agents in the area. 

In fact, during this time he ranked in the top 20 realtors on RE/MAX’s Top 100 list for Florida multiple times.

These years of experience mean he’s developed a reputation as one of the most knowledgeable realtors in the Naples area.

Carlos has first-hand experience with the historical patterns of the Naples housing market. This is how he is able to help his clients find success, despite turbulent market conditions.

Carlos has been recognized for his achievements throughout his career.

He is a member of the:

  • 100% Club
  • Platinum Club
  • Chairman’s Club 
  • RE/MAX Hall of Fame 

Carlos has won the Lifetime Achievement Award as a solo agent with RE/MAX for earning over $3 million in commission. 

He’s also been ranked in the Top 100 RE/MAX Agents in Florida, and won the RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award for earning over $1 million in commission.

The other half of our team is Carlos’ wife, Lisa. Lisa is newer to real estate but fell in love with it after attending a real estate conference with Carlos.

Lisa eventually ended up quitting her previous job and joining Carlos full-time to assist with his growing real estate business.

Since they began working together, we have seen an explosion in growth. When Lisa joined the team full-time in 2020, we doubled our gross sales, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Cachon Team has only maintained this level of success over the years. A few months into 2022, we surpassed our total earnings for the previous year.

The Cachon Team is Award-Winning

We also won the Craig Proctor Quantum Leap award in 2020 and 2021. On top of that, we continually ranked in the top ten largest real estate teams for our region while at Coldwell Banker. 

Our success hasn’t happened for no reason. Carlos and Lisa offer home buyers and sellers a unique alternative to nationalized, corporate real estate agencies.

Our boutique brokerage is specifically focused on Naples and the Southwest Florida area. This localization means we can deliver personalized, high-quality service to buyers and sellers.

Carlos and Lisa take the time to work closely and actually develop a relationship with their clients, which gives them a greater ability to understand their goals and meet their needs.

In addition, realtors in Naples, Florida, look up to The Cachon Team as one of the best teams in the area. In fact, agents know that by joining us, they can easily boost their leads and transactions and earn more money.

Best Realtors in Naples

Our Track Record

The Cachon Team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty is one of the most experienced and successful real estate teams in Southwest Florida.

Carlos and Lisa handle ten times as many transactions compared to their competition. We’re able to handle this volume because we have the full force of a hard-working and committed team behind us.

Typically, home buyers and sellers only get a single realtor to help them through the buying and selling process.

But at our team, the knowledge, experience, and connections of the entire team benefit each one of our clients. Southwest Florida residents are lucky to have a top-performing realtor in their backyard– and this isn’t an exaggeration.

Homes Sellers

We have the data to back up our ability to sell a home in Naples fast and for top dollar. On average, we sell homes 37% faster and for 2.5% more profit than other realtors in the area. This shows we do whatever it takes to help home sellers get their desired price and achieve a successful sale.

Best Realtors in Naples

Home Buyers

For home buyers, we have an extensive database with an inventory of competitively-priced properties. 

In addition, the fact that Carlos and Lisa are experts in the area means they can find you your dream home in a neighborhood with all the right amenities.

We also have collections of featured properties and market pricing reports to help buyers during their home search. 

Whether you’re looking to invest or buy a home in Southwest Florida, The Cachon Team can help you find the perfect property at a great price.

Best Realtors in Naples

Charitable Causes

Lastly, the team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Cachon Team are the best realtors in Naples, Florida, because of our charitable causes and involvement with the Southwest Florida community.

With every sale or purchase of a home, Carlos and Lisa donate a portion of their income to three charities:

  • The Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Colby Singletary Scholarship Fund

Giving back to the community is part of what drives The Cachon Team to succeed. Our mission is to “Go Serve Big” and change the lives of the community we live and work in.

In 2022 alone, we were able to donate $4,000 to support our causes. In particular, we have a huge passion for The Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida.

Carlos and Lisa have had family members affected by Parkinson’s, and they know first-hand how devastating the disease can be. Carlos’ father suffered from Parkinson’s for years before passing away from the disease in 2014.

For this reason, The Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida is especially close to the hearts of both Carlos and Lisa. 

But our entire team is involved in supporting the charity and its mission. Our hands-on involvement and relationships with the people of Naples show that we don’t just want to make a profit– we genuinely care about the well-being of the community.

The Cachon Team’s 3 Seller Guarantees

On top of our track record, the agents at The Cachon Team are the best realtors in Naples, Florida, because of our unique buyer and seller guarantees.

1. Guaranteed Sale Program

With The Cachon Team’s Guaranteed Sale Program, home sellers can rest assured that their homes will sell for their desired amount.

Many realtors will promise to get you the best deal on your home. But the realities of the market mean this isn’t always possible.

Well, with The Cachon Team, it is. Our team separates ourselves from the competition by guaranteeing the sale of your home for a specific price.

Our Guaranteed Sale Program is a written agreement that we give you upfront when you agree to work with us. If we fail to sell your home for our agreed-upon price, we will buy it ourselves.

How are we able to make a promise like this when no other realtor in Naples, Florida, does? 

Basically, we’re so confident in our ability to get your home sold for top dollar that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Learn more about how our Guaranteed Sale Program works.

2. 30-Day Guarantee

Our 30-Day Guarantee takes things a step further by guaranteeing the sale of your home within 30 days. Without an experienced realtor, many homes end up sitting on the market longer than anticipated.

This is harmful in the long run because prospective home buyers will start to wonder if something is wrong with the home. This will result in lower offers on your home.

The Cachon Team’s 30-Day Guarantee solves this dilemma. Our 30-Day Guarantee works similarly to our Guaranteed Home Sale Program. 

If your home doesn’t sell within 30 days, The Cachon Team will pay you an agreed-upon amount. We’ll also continue to market your home until it eventually sells.

This way, you don’t have to worry about a loss of revenue impacting the profits from your home sale.

3. Seller Cancellation Guarantee 

Lastly, our Seller Cancellation Guarantee puts the power in your hands. At The Cachon Team, we believe our clients should be in control of the home-selling process.

Too often, home sellers find themselves locked into a listing agreement with an ineffective realtor. Often, the only way to leave these agreements is by paying an expensive fee.

Our Seller Cancellation Guarantee lets you end your listing agreement with us at any time before receiving an offer on your home. So if you feel we’re not living up to our promises, you have the right to cancel our contract– without any harsh penalties or fees.

The Cachon Team’s Buyer Guarantees

Exclusive Buyer Protection Plan

Our Buyer Protection Plan gives you the ultimate risk-free way to purchase your dream home. With this guarantee, we’ll list your home for free within 12 months of the purchase date.

Our team understands that sometimes, you don’t really get a good feel for a home until you actually spend time in it. 

Showings and open houses give you an idea of what a home might be like, but you might realize that it isn’t quite what you thought. 

While this scenario may be uncommon, it does happen. Most realtors are gone as soon as the closing paperwork is signed. 

But at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty – The Cachon Team, we stick around for another year to make sure you’re satisfied with your home.

We offer this guarantee because we believe in our ability to match you to the home of your dreams.

Buyer Cancellation Guarantee

Similar to our Seller Cancellation Guarantee, our Buyer Cancellation Guarantee gives you control of your home-buying journey.

If you’re unsatisfied with our service, you have the freedom to cancel your buyer’s agreement at any point before making an offer.

Many home buyers are unsatisfied with the performance of their realtor but feel unable to escape their contracts because of high fees or other penalties.

Our team wants to be different. At The Cachon Team, we believe that you should be able to decide whether we live up to our promises.

If you choose to end your buyer’s agreement with us before making an offer on a home, you won’t face any penalties or fees.

The Cachon Team’s Buyer and Seller Resources

In addition to our guarantees, we also offer a number of educational resources for home buyers and sellers in Naples. Most realtors are usually happy to take over the buying or selling process. 

But at our team, we believe in working with our clients, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure they have the knowledge they need to make informed real estate decisions.

Our website is full of in-depth guides, blog posts, articles, and other free information about buying, selling, and living in Naples, Florida.

Some of our most popular guides include:

  1. How To Stop Paying Rent and Own Your Own Home 
  2. How to Buy a Home With Little Or No Money Down  
  3. 13 Extra Costs to Be Aware of Before Buying a Home
  4. How to Obtain a Mortgage Pre-Approval in Naples
  5. The 3 Factors That Affect Home Affordability
  6. Realtor Analysis: How To Avoid Common Home Buyer Mistakes in Naples, FL

Our free resources can help you avoid costly mistakes in the buying or selling processes. And if you ever have a question or want to learn more about a particular topic, our award-winning realtors are here to help.

The Best Realtors in Naples, Florida, Are At The Cachon Team

When you are ready to buy or sell a home, make sure to choose the best realtors in Naples, Florida: Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Cachon Team. Our team’s exceptional customer service, in-depth knowledge of the housing market, and unique guarantees make us the best choice to help with your real estate needs.

Find out if The Cachon Team is the best match for you by using our real estate agent selection factors to define what you want in a realtor.

To learn more about The Cachon Team, you can find us on:

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