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Realtor Analysis: How To Avoid Common Home Buyer Mistakes in Naples, FL

How To Avoid Common Home Buyer Mistakes in Naples, FL

How to Avoid Common Home Buyer Mistakes in Naples

Don’t Make Serious Mistakes Before Buying Your New Home. Try to avoid common home buyer mistakes in Naples.

Most homebuyers will say they just fell in love with a house when looking for a new home. But the saying love is blind may be true. 

Having said that, removing your emotions from the equation will help you avoid common home buyer mistakes you should know about.

Know What Monthly Dollar Amount You Feel Comfortable Committing to and Avoid Common Buyer Mistakes in Naples

Knowing the monthly dollar amount with which you feel comfortable and can qualify for a mortgage is critical prior to starting your home buying search. 

New home buyers often see homes they would love to purchase before knowing their budget and getting a pre-qualification letter from a lender. 

If you are shopping for too expensive homes, you may find yourself frustrated and very disappointed.

How to Figure Out How Much Home You Can Afford to Buy Without Breaking the Bank

A great place to start to find out how much home you can afford is to use a free mortgage calculator.

Knowing this information will give you a good idea of what dollar amount will be comfortable for you without breaking the bank.

The next step would be to reach out to a trusted lender who will tell you how accurate your figures are based on your specific situation. This will help you avoid common home buyer mistakes in Naples.

Knowing Your Pre-Payment Privileges and Payment Frequency Options Can Save You Money and Avoid Common Home Buyer Mistakes in Naples

Many home buyers are unaware of their payment options for their mortgages. Before committing your hard-earned dollars to monthly mortgage payments, knowing your pre-payment privileges and payment frequency options is essential. 

Adequate consideration of these critical areas can make your payments work much harder for you.

How Making Your Mortage Payment Options Work in Your Favor to Avoid Spending More Money in the Long Run

Making your mortgage payment options work in your favor will shave years off your mortgage and will help you avoid common home buyer mistakes in Naples. 

You can make frequent payments weekly or biweekly. This is a great way to structure your payments to save money. 

These frequent payments will significantly lessen the interest you will be charged over the long term. 

An authorized prepayment percentage of your mortgage, or increasing the amount you pay monthly, will significantly lessen the number of years you will pay. 

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