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Naples Homes For Sale

As most people are well-aware, the state of Florida is one of the most desirable places to live in the United States, primarily because of the warm and pleasant climate as well as proximity to water, no matter where you live. Many people are also familiar with the fact that cities throughout Florida can be very expensive to live in because of all of the benefits they offer to their residents.

When a person thinks of an expensive city to live in, that individual is likely to think of Miami, Orlando, or West Palm Beach. Fewer people are aware that the small city of Naples, FL, is an extremely expensive place to find and invest in a property. However, the advantages of living in this thriving city of 19,115 people more than outweighs the price of your mortgage. 

In addition to the wonderful weather and climate, you will also be treated to world-class beauty and rich golf courses. While Naples was named in honor of its sister-city in Italy, many people began to believe that it has actually surpassed its namesake. What Naples, FL, is truly known for (and you are sure to find out when you purchase one of the Naples homes for sale) is the high-priced homes, white-sand beaches, and plethora of golf courses. It’s no wonder that it has dubbed itself the “Golf Capital of the World.”

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Naples Homes For Sale | Buying a Home in Naples

If you’re in the market for a Naples home for sale, partnering with an experienced realtor is the key to finding the perfect property. Given the dynamic nature of the housing market, having a knowledgeable agent by your side ensures you don’t miss out on your dream home. 

In this post, our realtors at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Cachon Team, will discuss what to know before making the move to Naples. We’ll provide you with an overview of the city, housing market trends, the best neighborhoods, the cost of living, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Living in Naples is a good choice for those who want to live in an urban environment that’s close to beaches and natural areas, and don’t mind traffic and crowds from tourism.
  • The housing market in Naples is experiencing increasing home prices, but fewer homes are being sold. The housing market is neutral and somewhat competitive, and doesn’t particularly favor home buyers or sellers.
  • Naples homes for sale can be found with the help of an experienced realtor. A professional can help you find luxury homes, new construction and custom properties, resale homes, and off-market homes in the city.
  • Naples has a high cost of living and a strong job market that is primarily driven by tourism. It also has high-quality schools, a low crime rate, and a subtropical climate.
  • Popular attractions in Naples include the beaches, boat tours of the Everglades, state parks, and other natural areas. The city also has a zoo, golf courses, and opportunities for dining, shopping, and nightlife.
Naples Homes for Sale:  Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Cachon Team

Should I Live in Naples?

Naples, Florida, is a coastal city known for its beautiful beaches, amenities, and abundant natural beauty. Naples is an urban environment, with a population of a little over 19,000. 

Situated along the Gulf of Mexico, Naples is known as a tourist destination– its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters attract visitors from around the world. In addition to its beaches, Naples is renowned for its world-class golf courses, with over 80 championship courses to choose from. 

The city also boasts a thriving arts and culture scene, with numerous galleries, theaters, and art festivals throughout the year.  With its picturesque surroundings and a wealth of recreational and cultural opportunities, Naples is a sought-after destination for residents and visitors alike.

Before looking at Naples homes for sale, make sure living in the city aligns with your desired lifestyle. First, consider that the cost of living in Naples tends to be higher than the national average, particularly when it comes to housing and healthcare. It’s important to assess your budget and ensure you can comfortably afford the expenses associated with living in the area. 

Additionally, Naples experiences a high volume of tourists during the peak season, which can lead to more crowds and traffic. If you want to live in a quieter, more laid-back community, then Naples may not be the right fit. Taking these factors into account will help you make an informed decision and ensure a smooth transition to life in Naples, Florida.

What’s the Housing Market Like in Naples?

The Naples housing market is a neutral, somewhat competitive market. Market trends don’t necessarily favor home buyers over sellers or vice versa. On average, homes in Naples receive one offer and sell in approximately 45 days. 

In recent months, the median sale price for Naples homes for sale was $735,000, reflecting a 1.4% increase compared to the previous year. However, the median sale price per square foot was $432, a decrease of 4.2% since the same point last year.

Naples experienced a 15.6% decrease in the number of homes sold compared to the same period the previous year. Despite this decline, Naples remains an active real estate market, with 227 homes sold recently. It’s worth noting that the median days on the market increased by 31 days, indicating a longer selling period for properties.

When compared to the national average, the Naples housing market shows promising growth. The median sale price in Naples increased by 1.4% year-over-year, outperforming the overall United States housing market. The sale-to-list price ratio in Naples, at 95.7%, was slightly lower than the national average of 97.6%.

The Naples housing market continues to offer opportunities for both home buyers and sellers. Despite a slight decrease in the number of homes sold, the median sale price has shown a positive trend. Before buying a home in Naples, be sure to reach out to a qualified realtor for the most up-to-date housing market information.

How Do I Find Homes For Sale in Naples?

You can use several methods to search Naples homes for sale. Real estate websites are a popular way to search for homes online. But while this can be a good way to get some ideas about your preferences and price range, home prices on these sites tend to be inaccurate. Not to mention, they don’t include off-market listings. 

Attending open houses in Naples, local newspapers, real estate magazines, online community forums, and social media groups are other methods to find homes for sale in the area., as they often feature property listings in Naples. 

But no matter what method you use, it’s important to hire an experienced realtor before you start looking at Naples homes for sale. Working with a real estate expert who specializes in the Naples area and knows its historical market trends can help you get a great deal on a home. 

Realtors have exclusive access to valuable resources such as the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on available properties.

Realtors can also leverage their network of industry contacts to find off-market listings that match your criteria. In addition, a professional can guide you throughout the entire home-buying process, including helping you submit a competitive offer and negotiating a fair price.

By combining the expertise of a realtor with typical house-hunting strategies, you’ll maximize your chances of finding the perfect home in Naples for a great price.

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Are There Luxury Homes in Naples?

There is a diverse range of luxury homes in Naples. The area has upscale properties, including waterfront residences, countryside estates, and luxury homes in the city itself. Luxury homes in Naples often feature stunning architectural designs, premium finishes, state-of-the-art appliances, expansive outdoor areas, and beautiful waterfront or golf course views. 

Working with a realtor who specializes in Naples homes for sale in luxury communities is the best way to find the latest listings that match your preferences.

Are There New Construction Homes in Naples?

Yes, Naples has new construction and custom homes. New construction homes in Naples feature contemporary architectural designs, energy-efficient features, and stylish finishes. Whether you’re in the market for a single-family home, a townhouse, or a condominium, there is a diverse range of choices available.

In addition, partnering with a home builder can help you build a custom home in Naples. A custom home allows you to create a home that aligns with your unique style and preferences, and the freedom to personalize every aspect of your dream home.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Naples?

Lake Park

Nestled in central Naples, Lake Park is an established community that offers a harmonious blend of classic Florida charm and modern living. With approximately 450 homes, this neighborhood caters to a diverse range of residents, from families to retirees, seeking the perfect balance between convenience and tranquility.

The Unique Blend of Homes: A Trip Down Memory Lane

One of the standout features of Lake Park is its captivating mix of architectural styles. The neighborhood showcases a delightful fusion of old Florida beach cottages built in the 1950s and 1960s, alongside newer single-family homes. This eclectic collection of residences creates a sense of character that is truly unique to Lake Park.

Embracing Nature: Canopies of Green

The streets of Lake Park are adorned with mature trees, forming a lush canopy that envelops the entire community in a sea of greenery. This natural oasis not only adds to the visual appeal but also provides a refreshing shade during leisurely strolls or biking adventures.

Real Estate Opportunities: Your Dream Home Awaits

Lake Park homes for sale present a variety of options to suit different preferences and lifestyles. From cozy two-bedroom residences to spacious four and five-bedroom homes, there’s something for everyone. The neighborhood’s real estate market offers a balance between history and innovation, capturing the essence of Naples living.

Amenities and Proximity: Everything Within Reach

Lake Park’s central location brings an array of amenities and attractions within easy reach. Residents can enjoy the nearby Gordon River Greenway, Fleischmann Park, Naples Zoo, and the iconic Naples Beach Club. For those who love the sun and sand, the Gulf beaches are just a short mile away, making biking and walking a popular way to get there. Lake Park also boasts highly-rated elementary, middle, and high schools, making it an ideal choice for families.

Location and Boundaries: Where Community and Connectivity Meet

Situated between US-41, Fleischmann Boulevard, Goodlette-Frank Road, and 5th Avenue N, Lake Park enjoys a strategic location just north of Old Naples and across US-41 from Coquina Sands. This prime positioning provides seamless access to the best that Naples has to offer, from dining and shopping to cultural experiences and entertainment.

Experience Lake Park’s Timeless Appeal

With its blend of history and contemporary living, Lake Park offers a truly distinctive residential experience. If you’re in search of a neighborhood that embraces the beauty of old Florida while providing all the conveniences of modern life, Lake Park is a must-explore destination. Discover the allure of Lake Park, where mature trees, captivating homes, and a strong sense of community converge in the heart of central Naples.

Old Naples 

Old Naples, the epitome of charming luxury and historical significance. This district boasts an aura of sophistication, hosting some of the nation’s most opulent residences with a median home sale price hovering around $963,000.

For those considering Old Naples as their new abode, financial prowess is a prerequisite. Many denizens of this locale hold millionaire status, drawn to the allure of the famed “Millionaire’s Row,” a collection of exquisite beachfront properties that remains a prime attraction.

Beyond its exclusivity, Old Naples is a treasure trove of experiences. Stroll through boutiques along Fifth Avenue South and Third Street South, where browsing finds a new definition. Culinary enthusiasts will revel in the opportunity to indulge in the exquisite offerings of high-end bars and restaurants.

Amid the elegance, Old Naples boasts the iconic Naples Pier, a captivating gateway to the ocean. Lush green spaces and parks dot the landscape, harmonizing nature with urban charm. Animal lovers need not miss out, with the Naples Zoo waiting to captivate your interest.

For those for whom financial constraints are but a fleeting concern, Old Naples stands as an unparalleled haven. Its proximity to the ocean is an enticing bonus, perfectly complementing its pristine, captivating, and architecturally captivating infrastructure.

Sun Terrace

Nestled within the heart of Naples, Florida, Sun Terrace is a charming residential neighborhood that invites you to experience the perfect blend of “Old Florida” charm and modern living. Established in the early 1960s, Sun Terrace boasts an array of single-family homes that embody the essence of classic design and contemporary convenience.

Embracing “Old Florida” Design

Sun Terrace captures the essence of a bygone era with its collection of homes that showcase the timeless appeal of “Old Florida” architecture. Built in the early 1960s, these residences exude a sense of nostalgia while seamlessly integrating modern comforts.

A Non-Gated Haven of Serenity

As a non-gated community, Sun Terrace offers residents a peaceful haven where life unfolds at a comfortable pace. Homes within this neighborhood feature attached garages and screened-in lanais, providing you with the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor living.

Lakeside Views and Spacious Layouts

Adding to its allure, Sun Terrace features three serene lakes, and select homes offer tranquil water views that create a sense of tranquility. The neighborhood’s homes typically offer three to four bedrooms and approximately 2,700 square feet of living space. This spacious layout ensures that residents have ample room to relax and make lasting memories.

Mature Landscaping and Natural Beauty

Sun Terrace is enveloped by the beauty of mature landscaping that paints a picturesque scene throughout the community. As you stroll through the neighborhood, you’ll find yourself surrounded by lush greenery, creating a harmonious connection with nature.

Proximity to Naples Attractions

The central location of Sun Terrace presents an array of exciting opportunities. Residents can enjoy quick access to the inviting Gulf beaches, with Lowdermilk Park only a mile away, offering a perfect spot for beach outings. Freedom Park, Fleischmann Park, the Naples Zoo, and Coastland Mall are all just moments away, ensuring that entertainment and leisure are always within reach.

Your Gateway to Central Naples Living

Positioned between US-41 and Goodlette-Frank Road, Sun Terrace provides easy access to Naples’ vibrant amenities. The neighboring Moorings community and the convenience of Golden Gate Parkway crossing through the neighborhood make it a sought-after location. The neighborhood is bounded by Creech Road to the north and Fleischmann Boulevard to the south. Sun Terrace is served by esteemed educational institutions, including Lake Park Elementary School, Gulfview Middle School, and Naples High School.

Discover the tranquility and allure of Sun Terrace – a central Naples neighborhood that beautifully blends “Old Florida” charm with contemporary living. If you’re seeking a community that offers picturesque views, spacious homes, and a connection to Naples’ best attractions, Sun Terrace may be your perfect oasis.

Port Royal 

Indulge in the epitome of Naples’ prestige with Port Royal, a community that stands as a pinnacle of exclusivity. Distinguished by an exquisite array of custom-built mansions, this neighborhood consistently sees homes commanding prices ranging from 10 to an astounding 40 million dollars.

For those yearning for expansive landscapes, Port Royal delivers with spacious properties designed to accommodate luxurious amenities like pools, tennis courts, and beyond. Set amidst a tapestry of creeks and inlets, the region is adorned with numerous waterfront properties, many of which boast private docks for convenient boat launching from their very backyards.

Among the exceptional offerings, the eminent Port Royal Club emerges as a testament to unparalleled privilege. This exclusive club offers a realm of opulence, from its pristine beachfront to pools, tennis courts, state-of-the-art exercise facilities, and fine dining restaurants. Meanwhile, the locale hosts an eclectic assortment of shops and dining establishments, catering to a spectrum of preferences from exquisite fine dining to more casual fare, punctuated by an array of inviting coffee shops and bars.

In the realm of Port Royal, every facet echoes excellence, leaving no room for critique. It stands as a complete enclave, a realm of perfection encompassing every conceivable need and desire.

What’s the Quality of Life in Naples?

The quality of life in Naples, Florida is undeniably exceptional, offering a blend of luxurious living, natural beauty, and abundant recreational opportunities. The city boasts a serene and inviting atmosphere, making it a popular destination for families, retirees, and individuals seeking a high standard of living. Here are some key aspects that contribute to the quality of life in Naples:

  1. Scenic Beauty: Naples is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, including pristine white sand beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. The city’s commitment to preserving green spaces and maintaining attractive streetscapes enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.
  1. Outdoor Activities: Residents of Naples enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities, ranging from beachcombing, swimming, and fishing to golfing, tennis, and water sports. The city’s mild climate allows for year-round enjoyment of these pursuits.
  1. Cultural Offerings: Naples features a vibrant cultural scene, with art galleries, theaters, and museums that offer enriching experiences for residents and visitors alike. The Baker Museum at Artis—Naples and the Naples Botanical Garden are just a few of the cultural attractions in the area.
  1. Dining and Shopping: The city is dotted with a diverse range of restaurants, cafes, and eateries, catering to various culinary preferences. From fine dining to casual beachfront cafes, Naples offers a range of dining options. Shopping enthusiasts can explore local boutiques, high-end shops, and bustling farmers’ markets.
  2. Healthcare Facilities: Naples boasts top-notch healthcare facilities and medical centers, ensuring that residents have access to quality medical care and services.
  1. Recreational Parks: The presence of numerous parks and recreational areas adds to the city’s allure. Residents can enjoy picnics, sports, and leisurely walks in well-maintained green spaces.
  1. Education: The city offers a variety of educational options, including excellent public and private schools, ensuring that families have access to quality education for their children.
  1. Community Engagement: Naples fosters a sense of community through its local events, festivals, and social gatherings. This creates opportunities for residents to connect with their neighbors and enjoy a strong sense of belonging.
  1. Safety: Naples is known for its low crime rate, contributing to a sense of safety and security for its residents.
  1. Retirement Destination: Naples is a popular destination for retirees due to its serene ambiance, mild climate, and array of amenities that cater to the needs and preferences of older adults.

The quality of life in Naples is marked by its natural beauty, recreational opportunities, cultural offerings, and overall sense of well-being. Whether you’re drawn to the stunning beaches, the cultural scene, or the comfortable and secure lifestyle, Naples has much to offer for those seeking a high standard of living.

Local Schools

Naples offers a range of educational opportunities for students of all ages. The Collier County Public School District serves the city and is dedicated to providing quality education to its students. The district comprises numerous schools that offer comprehensive academic programs, extracurricular activities, and supportive learning environments. 

Some notable examples of schools in the district include Lake Park Elementary School, Gulf Coast High School, and Naples High School. The student-teacher ratio in the district is approximately 16:1, ensuring personalized attention and a conducive learning atmosphere.

In addition to the public school district, Naples boasts several higher education opportunities, such as Hodges University and Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) located in nearby Fort Myers. Both schools offer a diverse range of degree programs and professional certifications.

Job Market

The job market in Naples is driven by sectors such as tourism, healthcare, retail, construction, and professional services. 

Naples has a strong reputation for its luxury hospitality and tourism industry, with high-end resorts, golf courses, and restaurants providing numerous employment opportunities. The healthcare sector also plays a significant role, with renowned medical facilities and hospitals in the area.

The unemployment rate in Naples is typically lower than the national average, showcasing the strength of the job market. 

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Naples is generally higher than the national average. Housing expenses are a significant factor, with home prices and rental rates above the national average. Other aspects of the cost of living in Naples, such as transportation, groceries, and healthcare, also tend to be higher compared to national averages. However, Florida’s lack of state income tax provides some relief for residents.

Crime and Safety

In terms of crime rate, Naples has a lower overall crime rate compared to the national average. Property crimes, such as theft and burglary, tend to be more prevalent than violent crimes. It’s important to note that crime rates can vary between different neighborhoods within the city.

Overall, Naples is generally considered a safe city. It has taken measures to ensure the safety of its residents and visitors, including an active police force and community engagement programs.

Weather and Climate

Naples experiences a subtropical climate and is characterized by humidity, warm temperatures, and abundant sunshine throughout the year. Winters in Naples are mild, with average temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the low 70s Fahrenheit.

Summers in Naples are hot and humid, with average temperatures ranging from the high 80s to the low 90s Fahrenheit (around 31-34 degrees Celsius). In addition, rain showers and thunderstorms are common during the summer months.

Naples is also subject to certain natural hazards and environmental risks, including flooding, storms, droughts, and heat. Approximately 7,600 homes in Naples are already at risk of flooding, with this number projected to increase to 7,644 within the next 30 years. However, the flood risk in Naples is increasing at a slower rate than the national average. 

Healthcare and Hospitals

Naples is home to a range of healthcare facilities, providing residents with access to quality medical services. The area boasts several hospitals, medical centers, and urgent care centers to cater to the healthcare needs of the community.

Some notable hospitals in Naples include NCH Baker Hospital Downtown, NCH North Naples Hospital, Physicians Regional-Collier Boulevard, and Physicians Regional-Pine Ridge. These hospitals offer a comprehensive range of medical services, including emergency care, surgical procedures, diagnostic imaging, and specialized treatments.

For urgent but non-life-threatening medical needs, there are several urgent care centers in Naples, such as Physicians Regional Urgent Care and Healthcare Network Urgent Care. These facilities offer convenient and timely medical care for minor injuries and illnesses.

As for the cost of healthcare in Naples, 

What Are the Top Things to Do in Naples

Naples, Florida offers many attractions and activities both in the city and surrounding areas. The most famous attraction is Naples’ beaches. Spend a day soaking up the sun, swimming, paddleboarding, fishing, or walking along the shoreline at popular spots like the Naples Pier, Vanderbilt Beach, and Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. Other activities in Naples include:

  • Visit the Naples Botanical Garden: This beautiful garden showcases a variety of tropical plants, stunning landscapes, and themed gardens. 
  • Discover the Naples Zoo: The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is a family-friendly attraction featuring a diverse collection of animals from around the world. Explore exhibits, encounter wildlife up close, and enjoy interactive experiences.
  • Visit the Naples Pier: This iconic landmark stretches into the Gulf of Mexico, providing breathtaking views and a prime spot for fishing. Take a stroll along the pier, watch the sunset, or try your hand at catching fish.
  • Explore Fifth Avenue South: This vibrant downtown area is known for its upscale shops, art galleries, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Stroll along Fifth Avenue South, browse boutique stores, dine at exquisite restaurants, and enjoy live music performances.
  • Play Golf: Naples is a haven for golf enthusiasts, offering a wide selection of championship courses. Enjoy a round of golf at renowned courses like Tiburón Golf Club, TPC Treviso Bay, or The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club.

Are There Any Interesting or Unusual Things to Do? 

How Can I Find the Best Homes in Naples?

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People Also Ask

Is Naples, Florida, walkable?

Certain areas of Naples are walkable, such as the city’s downtown area. However, the city as a whole requires driving or public transportation to get around.

What airport to use for Naples, Florida?

The largest commercial airport closest to Naples is Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). It’s located about 45 minutes south of the city.

Is Fort Myers close to Naples?

Naples is 35 miles, or an hour south, of Fort Myers.

Is Naples, Florida, a party town?

Naples is not considered a party town, though there are certain areas of the city known for popular nightlife spots. Nightlife in Naples includes bars, clubs, and live music venues.

Is Naples or St. Petersburg better?

St. Petersburg is a larger city than Naples with more urban amenities, while Naples is a smaller city that’s closer to nature and beaches. Naples is also known as a popular tourist destination, with a higher cost of living than St. Petersburg. Choosing which city to call home will depend on your personal preferences.