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What’s the Fastest You Can Sell a House in Marco?

Want to quickly sell a house in Marco, Florida? Many home sellers want to sell their homes as fast as possible. Selling quickly gives you the best opportunity to earn top dollar on your home. 

If your home lingers on the market, home buyers may start wondering if something is wrong with it. As a result, you increase the possibility of needing to lower your asking price. 

In this post, our real estate professionals at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Cachon Team will discuss how long it takes to sell a house in Marco. We’ll also share six tips to increase your chances of selling quickly and getting top dollar at the same time.

How Fast Can You Sell a Home in Marco, Florida?

If you want to determine how quickly you can sell your home in Marco, you need to examine buyer demand. One of the most significant impacts on buyer demand is housing market conditions.

As of February 2023, the Marco housing market has felt the effects of rising interest rates, high inflation, and other economic pressures. These factors have resulted in fewer home sales compared to the market’s peak in April 2022.

Realtors typically use a metric called “days on market” (DOM) to estimate the expected selling period for a home. In February 2023, the median DOM for Marco homes was 46 days, an increase of 16 days from February 2022 when homes typically sold in 30 days.

6 Tips to Help You Sell a Home Fast and For Top Dollar

Make Your Home Stand Out on the Market

If you’re looking to sell your home fast, especially in a slower market, you’ll need to invest in its appearance. 

It’s important to remember that you’re going up on the market against hundreds of other resale homes, not to mention new construction properties. For this reason, you need to do what you can to make your home appeal to potential buyers.

During tough economic times, home buyers generally are looking for a move-in ready home so they don’t have to worry about paying for repairs down the road. In fact, they are often more likely to pay a premium for something they know is in good shape.

To make your home move-in ready, take care of any necessary repairs and update appliances, hardware, and lighting fixtures. In addition, consider renovating high-traffic areas such as the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms. 

This not only sets your home apart from others on the market, but it also justifies a higher asking price.

Sell When Buyer Demand is Highest

To increase your chances of selling your home quickly, it’s best to sell when the demand is at its highest. One way to do this is by listing your home in the spring or summer when the housing market is most active. 

However, if you have the flexibility to wait, it might be worth postponing your sale until market conditions improve.

Hire a Knowledgeable Realtor

Hiring a realtor who’s knowledgeable about your local housing market is essential if you want to sell fast and get the best possible price. Your realtor should have an in-depth understanding of historical housing market patterns. Ideally, you should find a realtor who’s had successful sales in tough market conditions.

Check their track record and ask for data and selling statistics that show the success of their marketing strategies. In addition, it’s a good idea to read reviews from past clients.

In addition, you should also find a realtor with a large network of other real estate professionals they can contact to find a buyer for your home. A well-connected realtor can find a match for your home almost instantly. 

Advertise Your Home’s Location

The location of a property is a top consideration for home buyers. Although you can’t change your home’s location, you can highlight the best parts of it in your listing. 

For instance, emphasizing if the property is close to high-quality schools, provides convenient access to parks, or offers a short commute to the nearest city.

Price Your Home Correctly

Asking price is crucial if you want to sell a house in Marco fast. An asking price that is too high may deter potential buyers and lead to the property remaining on the market longer than necessary. 

Additionally, a high asking price may lead to appraisal issues, as the property may not appraise for the agreed-upon sale price. This can ultimately cause the sale to fall through. 

On the other hand, pricing too low means you risk losing thousands in profit. An experienced realtor can help you find the right balance between a fair yet competitive asking price.

Develop an Effective Marketing Plan

With a comprehensive marketing plan, you can ensure your property is presented in the best possible light and seen by many potential home buyers. The more buyers see your home, the more chances you can achieve a fast and profitable sale. Your realtor will likely create a marketing plan that includes the following: 

  • Creating a professional listing with high-quality photos and detailed descriptions
  • Promoting the property through social media and other online channels
  • Hosting open houses and private showings
  • Reaching out to local real estate agents and potential buyers

Sell a House in Marco Successfully With Our Realtors

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - The Cachon Team, we’re the best realtors in Marco for a reason. We’ve helped thousands of people sell their homes fast and for top dollar in any market condition. One reason we’re able to do this is because of our unique Guaranteed Sale Program.

This program ensures your home will sell within your desired time frame, no matter what. If a home buyer doesn’t purchase it, our team will buy it ourselves for an agreed-upon price.

We offer this guarantee because we’re confident in our ability to sell your home. On average, we sell homes 37% faster and for 2.5% more money than our competitors. Our track record is one reason home sellers in Marco turn to us to get their homes sold fast.

To learn more about how to sell a house in Marco or work with our real estate team, call 239-399-5432. You can also fill out the form below for more information.

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